Lingus Mafia

LM Special: Patreon Sampler Show

December 29, 2020

We are not doing a regular Lingus Mafia Podcast this week. Instead you can hear a sample of everything you are missing out on from our Extra Ammo membership at You will hear clips from our Total Bellas and Bachelor/Bachelorette reviews, Coronalingus, Spit Roasting, 32 Days of Lingus: Summerslam, History of Your Favorite NFL Team, A Night at the Oscars, Creepy Crutchfield's Girls of Porn: Where are they Now? as well as clips from our 80's movie reviews, the One Chip Challenge, and Cav's 4th of July Playlist.

We are now offering a annual membership to our Boss Tier at Instead of paying $10 per month, you now have the option to get a 16% discount by paying for the entire year upfront.

Become a part of this thing of ours today! 

Twitter/InstaGram: @LingusMafia

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